2016 Writing Competition – 2nd place (junior division)

Living in Wellington County

By Joshua Doupe

I was born on September 1, 2006 at Groves Memorial Hospital in Fergus, Ontario. I have a lot of fun living in Wellington County.

I like to play outside. In the summer, I play soccer  and lots of other games in the backyard. I wear swimming goggles and splash my brother when I’m in the pool. I also play tennis. I don’t like to wear sunscreen, but I know I have to because I don’t want to get a sunburn. I like to ride my bike on the sidewalk and on the trails, even though I get tired.

In the winter, I like to build a snowman and a snow fort. I have lots of fun skiing, tobogganing on our big hill, snowshoeing, and skating on the ice rink that Daddy makes. I also help shovel the snow with my red plastic shovel.

I do many things inside, too. I get so excited that when I run through the house, Mommy yells to walk.

I pick my favourite clothes, but it’s hard to say what they are. Maybe I like my red Oshkosh shirt because it’s soft and my brown pants, which say something in white words.

We used to have a cat named Pogo. She liked to sit in the sun. I want a dog, so I can play with it. The breed I want is a pug, a bulldog, bullmastiff, or a shar pei because they are cute with their wrinkly noses and squishy faces. If I get a dog, I will curl up with it in the dog bed.

I like watching television with Mommy and Daddy because it entertains me, instead of being on the couch watching nothing.

In my bedroom, I play video games on the Wii and Xbox 360 with my brother. I also like to play with my LEGO, which I have many sets of.

I like to draw pictures of animals, cars, and planes on a piece of paper attached to my clipboard.

I play piano in our library, even if I don’t like to play it, but I have to study for my Royal Conservatory exam. My favourite song is German Dance in D Major because it sounds cool. At Christmastime, I play Up on the Housetop.

I like Christmas because I get presents. I help decorate the Christmas tree and choose Christmas music.

I like eating my favourite foods like blackberries, pasta, and steak. I like to gnaw on rib bones when the meat falls off the bone easily. I’m really good at figuring out the wood chips that Daddy puts in the smoker. But, most of all, I like to eat sugar treats. I like to eat with Mommy, Daddy, and my brother.

My favourite Halloween costume is a clone trooper from Star Wars. I wear it when I go trick or treating and when I give out candies at the door.

After I’m a ‘wedge boy,’ squeezing in between Mommy’s and Daddy’s hugs, I sleep under Daddy’s wing—that’s his armpit.

At nighttime, I brush my teeth with my electric toothbrush. Then, I jump in bed and fall asleep with my yellow bear, Donovan.

Before I go to sleep, I say, “Ti amo...sogni d’oro.”—In Italian, that means, “I love you…sweet dreams.”