2016 Writing Competition – 1st place (junior division)

My Life in Wellington County

By Jonah Doupe

I was born on April 15, 2004 at Groves Memorial Hospital in Fergus, Ontario. That’s when my adventures in Wellington County began. My parents tell me lots of stories about what I did when I was little, but I don’t remember.

What I do know is that I love to play with LEGO. I started building LEGO when I was three. I like to build in our living room. I probably have over a hundred sets. I’m careful not to lose any pieces. I always check the rug before it gets vacuumed. Sometimes, I help vacuum, too.

When I take a break from LEGO, I play video games on the Wii and Xbox 360. I like to watch television in the morning by myself, so I can watch the shows my brother doesn’t want to. I also like to watch television at night snuggled on the sofa with Mommy, Daddy, and my brother.

I’m a bit of a gearhead and love taking things apart to see how they work. I help Daddy jack up the car in the garage and pass him his tools. I want to be an engineer just like him, when I grow up.

I have a shiny blue bike with six gears, front and rear suspension, and a comfortable seat for when I’m riding on the bumpy trails surrounded by trees.

I practice piano every day and read books during quiet time. I play hide-and-seek with my younger brother and count to twenty, before going to search for him.

I get excited when I smell chocolate cake. I help bake it and put icing and sprinkles on it. I also help roll out the dough when we make pizza. I like to put sauce, olives, salami, and cheese on it. One of my favourite foods is gnocchi, which are, basically, Italian potato dumplings.

We talk  and  watch  Wheel  of  Fortune  together  at  dinner.  I’m  good  at  guessing  the answers. I help clear the dishes, and sometimes I help dry pots and pans.

In the summer, I like to swim in our pool. One time, we dropped quarters into it, and they slowly sank to the bottom. We dove for them. I have a blue snorkel mask that works well. We throw a beach ball with a Canadian flag on it. I don’t like to wear sunscreen, but Mommy says I need to.

I have been helping Mommy plant tomatoes and yellow and orange marigolds ever since I was little. I like playing in the dirt.

It’s fun roasting marshmallows over our fire pit in our backyard at night. I like them just warmed up, not too burnt; that’s how my brother likes them. We run around in our sandals, while the marshmallows cool off.

We go on the swings underneath the raised deck and kick our legs forwards and backwards. I like to look at the bird nests in the floor joists, where I see dried grass and fibre thread hanging. I can see and hear the baby robins tweeting, with their little mouths open, waiting for food. I like watching their mama bring them something to eat.

I like to watch sparrows, canaries, and chickadees in the flowering crab tree. I get excited when I see red cardinals and blue jays because they are uncommon in our area.

I often see a little chipmunk, with a thin black stripe on his back, who I named Chippy. He runs around and hides in the bushes and in the twigs beside our firewood pile.

A cute rabbit lives in a berry bush on our front yard. During the winter, he leaves paw prints in the snow.

We build snow forts and tunnels with Daddy. My brother and I help with the design. The tunnel is kind of small, but we can fit inside it. We have to remember to go in feet first, so we don’t get buried. I can’t wait to try it out before it gets filled up with snow.

When we go tobogganing on our two-person red sled, my brother and  I take turns steering. It goes fast. We have to be careful when we reach the bottom of the steep hill, so we don’t hit the big maple tree.

I have lots of wonderful adventures. The best thing I like about living in Wellington County is being with my family and friends.